who i've worked with


some choice accolades

Working with Jesse is a pleasure. Her knowledge, background, and experience enables her to quickly grasp project ideas. Her extensive contacts provide enriching details and her discipline ensures that her work is done on schedule.
— Peter Ballerstedt, Forage Product Manager - Barenbrug USA
Jesse is knowledgeable, smart and intuitive. She’s an outstanding multi-task communicator with a great network of social media contacts and knowledge about how to use them. She’s a solid writer and passionate about everything she does.
— Alan Newport, Editor - Beef Producer
Finding a writer with the desired mix of technical writing ability and topical knowledge can be a challenge; finding someone with the talent to bring that all together in a way that is interesting, insightful, and engaging can be downright impossible. Jesse turned information that easily could’ve ended up sounding dry, rote, or preachy into engaging articles that practically invited reading. Jesse became a member of the team and provided excellent work in a professional and timely manner. Her passion for these topics clearly shines through in her work.
— Matthew Brommer, Brand Manager - Zareba Systems
Manages projects well. Thorough. Easy to work with and knowledgeable. Jesse has been a very valuable asset to every project.
— Cody Litwiller, Brand Manager - Electrobraid
When you’re evaluating a potential freelance writer, do you ever wonder whether they really are who they say they are, and whether they can really do what they say they can do? Wonder no more. Jesse brings a level of knowledge, professionalism and expertise to the table that make her an invaluable communicator. She’s smart, she’s conscientious, and she always delivers outstanding results.
— Carrie Byrum, Marketing Director - Gallagher North America