Hey there!

If you've made your way here, then you've heard. I'm going to start blogging again, and along with that, I'm also starting an e-newsletter! 

I've taken a long hiatus from blogging and decided my break is about up. It's time to hustle more and get back to the keyboard.

The new blog will focus mainly on giving a behind-the-scenes perspective into my creative work. From time to time, I'll also delve into personal stories (when it's appropriate and relevant to my readers) and periodically share insights into my other big passions in life, like fermenting things and fly fishing.

I promise this newsletter is nothing crazy and I'm not going to spam your inbox!




(Unlike this, which I'm pretty sure is bullshit or at least some kind of bovine shit. But, you get the point.)

Just a simple, monthly update in your inbox from me.

The newsletter will feature stuff like my latest news, maybe a blog or two, and links to my latest published writings for that month. Most of the published articles will be forage, grazing, or ranching, or conservation related. And of course, there may also be a random beer article now and then, because well, I like writing about that stuff, too.

Basically, this is a way for us to stay connected and you to keep up with what I'm working on. 

If you're down to hear more, enter your email in the little form below. If not, that's cool, too.

The blog and newsletter will be launching in mid-July. 

More then.

Cheers, friends.