Multimedia Storytelling

Write, photograph, film. In my nearly 8 years of storytelling, I've learned today's stories must be told in multifaceted and compelling ways to engage audiences and sway hearts and minds.

Some of my latest projects have involved working with the Sage Grouse Initiative (SGI) to tell the stories of ranchers implementing conservation projects to improve sage grouse habitat on private and public lands across the West. The SGI Rancher Success Stories and videos I directed and produced (edited by Karuna Eberl) can be found here.

Branded Content 

I produce branded content for some of the agriculture industry's premiere companies. From fencing to forages to livestock management, I cover the gamut bringing a touch and insight only someone who's been immersed in the agriculture community can. 

See examples of recent projects I've worked at the links below.

Farms and Ranches 

Along with multimedia projects for non-profits and global businesses, I help farms and ranches find their voices through customized copy for websites, marketing materials, and social platforms. My combination of skills and strong agricultural background, gives me the unique ability to understand farms and ranches from the inside out, allowing me to write content which rings true to each operation's unique purpose and vision. 

In 2016, I worked on a website redesign collaboration involving copywriting and photography for the historic Winecup Gamble Ranch in northeastern Nevada. 

Print / Online Publication

Print and online publication is where I got my start telling stories back in 2009. Since then, I've went on to have my journalistic non-fiction work and poetry published in a number of print and online media sources. You'll find collections of my work on topics I've covered linked below.


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